My Departure

Hey everyone, unfortunately this post is not cute anime girls, but my notice that I’ll be stepping down as a Kupaa Kreator within a month.

I’ve had a wonderful time being part of this network and the community it has helped grow, and appreciate all you wonderful people who have helped support my time here! I have come to the conclusion that focusing solely on adult-oriented art just isn’t the path for me, and I’d prefer to continue supporting the awesome adult creators as a consumer instead.

This doesn’t mean that I’m giving up drawing cuties! I’ll still be continuing my work doing pinups and whatnot, but I’ll be spending the next year focusing on honing my skills and building my portfolio so that I can continue doing the thing I really love — working on games!

I’ll still be posting free content on Twitter, and my Patreon will be converted in to just a tip jar in the near future, but I will be moving away from monthly subscription work in general. Commissions will still be available while I’m working on my portfolio, but I’ll be leaning away from doing anything spicier than pinups and tasteful nudes for the foreseeable future.
As for site members, you’ll still get content until the end of the month’s subscription time, and anyone with a longer sub will be contacted soon by me directly about refunds or alternative compensation for your subscription time.

I appreciate your understanding and THANK YOU again so very much for all the love & support I have been shown during my time with Kupaa!

Mews <3

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